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image pineapple fruit nutrition has enzyme bromelain Vitamin C beta carotene from vitamin AAll You Ever Wanted to Know About Pineapple, Fruit and Nutrition.

Most pineapple in the United States grows in Hawaii and can gain a weight of 20 pounds or about 4 times larger than the average pineapple in the grocery store. There are basically 5 different types of pineapple the most common in grocery stores is called Smooth Cayenne.

Pineapples are typically grown by propagation or a replanting of a part of themselves. It usually takes about 18 months to produce a pineapple.

Christopher Columbus came across pineapple in his journeys to the Caribbean. He dubbed it the "pine of the Indies" because it looked like a pine cone. The English later on added the word apple to it because they ate it with apples. Thus the name pineapple.

Captain John Kidwell started the pineapple industry in Hawaii in the 1880's. Jim Dole moved to Hawaii in 1900 with a thousand dollars to grow and can pineapples. He started the Hawaii Pineapple Company with idea of putting this fruit in grocery stores in the United States. Of course everyone is familiar with the Dole name today.

Pineapple is rich in Vitamin A and C. It is also an excellent source for the important enzyme nutrient Bromelain which is a mixture of important protein and milk digesting enzymes. Bromelain helps the body's digestive system and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Bromelain can aid the action of certain antibiotics and drugs. Bromelain may also aid the healing process in the cases of trauma caused by injury.

Canned pineapple tends not to have this valuable enzyme bromelain as the heat used in the canning process destroys enzymes.

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