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image papaya enzymes for protein amino acids vitamin c, folate dietary fiber.All You Ever Wanted to Know About Papaya, Fruits and Nutrition.

Papaya has been grown in tropical regions of the world for as long as history has been recorded. It is believed to have come from southern Mexico and Central America.

The papaya plant is a member of the pawpaw family.

Botanically, papaya is a berry.

The black seeds found inside a papaya are edible and have a spicy, pepper-like flavor.

Some cultures call the papaya tree "the medicinal tree" because it's seeds and leaves have been used to make medicine.

Papaya leaves and unripe papaya have an enzyme called Papain that breaks down protein in meat to make it tender. That's why papaya can be used as a meat tenderizer. Papain is also a powerful enzyme that digests proteins breaking down the amino acids making them readily available.

"It is well recognized that the Papaya contains peculiar and valuable digestive properties, which make it of great value in the diet."
-report of U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Papaya is rated as one of the most nutritious fruits.

Papaya is high in vitamin C and a good source of fiber and folate.

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