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image beets vegetable nutrition has antioxidants vitamin c, calcium potassium betaineAll You Ever Wanted to Know About Beets, Vegetables and Nutrition.

Beets have been cultivated since pre-historic times in the Mediterranean area and were originally grown only for their leaves. During the Roman empire, people began to eat the roots as well. Today, beets and beet dishes are still widely popular throughout Europe.

Beets are a good source of folacin and a source of Vitamin C and potassium. Red beets provide Vitamins A and C, calcium and iron, and add fiber to the diet.

Interesting facts about beets:

  • According to John Heinerman Ph.D. in Encyclopedia on Healing Juices, beets (& beet juice) are blood-building herb that detoxifies blood & renews it with minerals & natural sugars. This encyclopedia goes on to note that there may be substances in beets that aid circulation.
  • Dr. H.C.A. Vogel, in The Nature Doctor, states that beet juice contains betaine, which stimulates function of liver cells & protects our liver & bile ducts.
  • Norman Walker, D.Sc. in Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Juices, claims that beets build red corpuscles & add tone to blood.
  • An article in February 25,1996, issue of Cancer Letters report on an animal study that shows that beetroot has a significant tumor-inhibiting effect. The abstract for the study says, "The combined findings suggest that beet root ingestion can be one of the useful means to prevent cancer."

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